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The Badger State Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. (BSHRC) is affiliated with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the Hunting Retriever Club (HRC). We will work collectively toward the betterment of Hunting Retrievers as a whole and influence the breeding and training of better Hunting Retrievers. We also support and protect our inherent rights to own and bear arms, to hunt and promote complimentary conservation and management of game and wildlife species commonly pursued by the members.

BSHRC was founded in March of 1995 in Whitewater, WI. The purpose of the BSHRC is to serve as a local organization that is dedicated to the training of hunting retrievers and to promote conservation of wildlife, safety and hunting. The HRC and the UKC are both dedicated to providing hunters and hunting retrievers with a series of realistic hunting situations called "hunt tests." In these hunt tests, the hunting retriever and the owner/handler are judged against written standard of achievement at several different levels of difficulty.

Members of the BSHRC often participate in hunt tests, but more importantly we train together to improve our retrievers' skills and ourselves as hunters/handlers. More information is available about the variety of training schedules we have.

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